Thursday, 29 January 2015

Cooking to save money and waste - lots to think about!

A few photos of our efforts last night ... looking forward to the next two sessions with Ali and everyone else. An enthusiastic crowd.

It's surprising how many dishes you can make from a random collection of ingredients - many reduced in the Co-op or forgotten in the fridge or cupboard.

From the ingredients we had we decided to make our own pasta from scratch. Eggs, flour, water ...

It's ready when you can read through it ...

Cut to any shape you fancy - we did tagliatelle strips and a delicious tomato sauce

Hands off ...until the photos have been taken. Mini pizzas and our very own home-made pasta ... really.

Next week we aim to make a main course or two for our group of eight, again using random ingredients and one or two surprises from people's cupboards.

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