Thursday, 19 March 2015

What a way to celebrate - well done everyone

Here are a few photos of the fantastic morning we had a Dingwall Academy last week. This event is a fitting end to the RoWAN "R U Up 4 It?" three-year project 
 which was funded the The Climate Challenge Fund. We are confident the good work the schools are doing will go from strength to strength and the sharing of ideas will continue.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to share how much hard work you've done, and the fun you've been having while being part of "R U Up 4 It?" and the 
"Growing Award". 

A special moment for me was presenting Amal from St Clements with the first ever  GROWING AWARD certificate. 
Well done Amal, Luke and Wiktoria who all have their Level One (Bronze) awards.

The schools that presented so well on such a range of topics were:

BEN WYVIS PRIMARY SCHOOL - Going for the Green Flag and waste-free lunches
HILTON PRIMARY SCHOOL - making the most of  their fabulous school grounds (I loved the music that went with your presentation!)
food waste reduction and the R U Up 4 It? project
DINGWALL ACADEMY - DiGGERs garden club and The Certificate in Practical Horticulture
DINGWALL PRIMARY SCHOOL - "Mission Compostable"
their sensory version of the Growing Award and an amazing compost song
TARRADALE PRIMARY SCHOOL - looking at sugar in popular drinks

You were all marvellous! Thanks again.

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