Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Our first R U Up 4 It? Polytunnel is open for growing! Congratulations to Muirtown Primary.

A few shots from yesterday's lively (if cold) opening ceremony. It was a fantastic occasion, thanks to everyone that came along. This shows that one school, with the support and enthusiasm to do so, can make so much of their outside space - it's just as important a classroom as the classrooms inside the school.   We were joined by the Provost of Inverness, Moray Firth Radio and a big crowd of parents, grandparents, staff and most importantly PUPILS! They served hot food, drinks, apple crumble and my favourite was the plum jam - almost everything came from their school garden (with a little help from a shop or two).

Norman and Toni from RoWAN cut the ribbon (note the colour matches RoWAN's green).

Pupils finding out how much can be grown, and what needs to be done in the tunnel, all year round

The soup and school-made bread warmed us all up. Thanks.

Strawberries and a grape vine being planted in one of the eight raised beds. 

If your school is interested in finding out more about the joys a polytunnel can bring why not look at https://www.firsttunnels.co.uk/polytunnels-for-school.asp. There are monthly growing guides, top tips and links to the huge number of schools that have tunnels in the Highlands and further afield. The Muirtown polytunnel was supplied and put up by Highland Tunnels based in Nairn, so plenty of choice if you'd like to see if there's one to suit you. Other Highland schools that have tunnels include:
Inverness High School, Lairg Primary School, Beauly Primary School, Tarradale Primary School and Loch Duich to name a few.

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