Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Next round of food waste audits coming up

Just a reminder that Norman and Toni will be visiting you soon to carry out another survey of waste produced at school lunchtimes. We are Dingwall Primary this week and Dingwall Academy next, and hopefully all other schools before the end of the year.
These audits are important as they are the last ones of the three-year R U Up 4 It? project and it's vital we have record of how well everyone has done at reducing the amount of food and packaging that gets thrown away at lunchtimes. It'll help plan what happens next.

Inverness schools now have their food waste collected so let's see if that makes a difference to how much of their school lunches pupils throw away.

Please get in touch if you've got dates you'd like us to come in for. The only space needed is enough for four boxes and room for pupils to get access to put their waste in the right one.

Boxes for sorting cooked food, uncooked food, packaging and drinks containers

Weighing the waste at the end is always popular and gives everyone an idea of how they might do better next time.

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