Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ferintosh and Mulbuie both up for the Climate Week Challenge

Last week was Climate Week and both Mulbuie and Ferintosh Primaries agreed to take on the 1 hour challenge set by the Climate Week team - which was to come up with a great idea to help people use less energy to heat buildings and water. The teams of about 4-6 children each decided on the buildings their idea was to benefit. These varied from an airport to a kitchen to a football pitch to the Empire State Building (no less) - so ambitious from the start.

After 40 minutes of preparation each team had up to 5 minutes to present their idea to the other groups who then voted for the best combination of idea and presentation!

             The winners at Mulbuie were ... "The Supersavers"!!!

At Ferintosh we watched a football match where the lights went off (sound familiar?), heard how The Empire State Building might use the power of a lightening strike and how water power might replace coal power in the kitchen and the winning team were "The Bumbly Bears" with their Empire State Building idea

Thanks for taking part in Climate Week.

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