Wednesday, 13 November 2013

We're back in action

Expect a flurry of activity now Toni's found out how to post some snippets of what all the R U Up 4 It? schools have been up to.  For a start here's a photo of Tarradale Primary School's apple pressing fun last week using apples from their school garden, and some from Mrs Dalgety who lives about 1 kilometre from the school. They had the use of Transition Black Isle's apple press for part of their Eco Challenge Week and made about 15 litres of lovely juicy juice. 

What did the pupils learn on the topic of reducing food waste?   We'll they worked out that the "food miles" the apples travelled was only 50 meters! We wonder what the food miles are for bought apple juice? 

RoWAN has a lively activity that all schools are welcome to use where pupils learn how far some of their food has travelled by placing fruit and veg on a huge floor map of the world. 

Please let us know if you'd like something you are doing added to the blog so we can share all the wonderful work you are doing around food waste reduction.

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